Building Pango from source can at times be a difficult process.

If there are packages of Pango available from your operating system vendor, you should use those packages. Virtually all distributions of Linux install Pango by default; in fact, if you are using Linux, Pango may well be rendering the text you are reading at the moment.

Trying to install a newer copy of Pango along side your operating system's version is especially challenging. If you want to do this, we would recommend using JHBuild.

Source releases

Releases of Pango are available from:

For information about the requirements of Pango, see the Pango README file.

Development tree

The Pango source code is available from GNOME's GitLab.

You can clone the source code repository using:

git clone

The easiest and recommended way to build Pango from the repository is to use meson. It handles automatically downloading and building the dependencies of Pango as subprojects.

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