Mailing List

The mailing list for Pango is gtk-i18n-list. Despite the name, this list is in no way specific to the GTK+ toolkit, and you are encouraged to ask questions about using Pango in contexts other than GTK+. This list is the place both to get help programming with Pango and to discuss future Pango development. You’ll need to be subscribed to post to the list.

Reporting bugs

Pango bugs should be reported to Bugzilla is also where we keep track of planned features and post patches. If you want to follow bugzilla bug activity, you can add a watch on pango-maint@gnome.bugs to your bugzilla account. (See the “Email settings” tab under the prefs link from the bugzilla footer, once you are logged in.)

Web Site

This web site is a wiki and open for public editing. To help out, simply create an account, log in, and start editing. It is, of course, appreciated if you ask on the mailing list before making any major changes. You can also report problems with the website in bugzilla.

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